Shaker Kitchen Designs, Styles and Case Studies

broadway crestHere are a few fine examples of Broadway bespoke shaker kitchen designs installed in our customer's homes.

Broadway designs, manufactures and will install your shaker kitchen specifically to your taste - any design is possible with Broadway Kitchens. We are renowned for creating and installing outstanding shaker kitchens throughout London, Essex, Kent, Essex, Surrey and The Midlands, so contact us now and speak to one of our expert team. 01277 212 221.

Although they are quite popular, many people don’t actually know what Shaker kitchens are. The name of these kitchens comes from the Shakers, a Christian sect that was founded in the 18th century in the UK. They were focused on bringing simplicity, practicality and purity in their lives and they reflected these principles in the furniture they used too. Modern-day Shaker-inspired kitchens are following these principles and they are praised for their quality and simplicity of their design.

When you are buying a new kitchen there are many considerations, and any good kitchen designer will tell you that your main objective should be to choose a kitchen that fits in with your needs and lifestyle. In addition, you also need to decide between free standing design and fitted kitchens.

No matter which design you choose, a shaker kitchen will definitely help you achieve that simple, classic appearance. Shaker-style kitchens are very versatile when it comes to design and you can easily replace the traditional with a more modern kitchen. Although the clean and simple lines of the kitchen might sound uninspiring, the reality is that all our Shaker kitchens look refined, sophisticated and elegant. The Shaker kitchens we offer come with traditionally proportioned cabinets and are made from high-quality wood with beautifully framed doors.

Minimalist style has been very popular in the last decade and this is exactly what you get from Shaker kitchens. Of course, we have also designed our Shaker kitchens in a way that helps them provide optimum functionality too. Since they are made from quality wood, you can expect excellent durability and with their timeless design and concept, Shaker kitchens have proven to be a smart investment.

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