Modern Kitchen Designs, Styles and Case Studies

broadway crestHere are a few fine examples of Broadway bespoke Modern and Designer Kitchen designs installed in our customer's homes

Broadway designs, manufactures and will install your modern and designer kitchen specifically to your taste - any design is possible with Broadway Kitchens. We are renowned for creating outstanding Modern and Designer Kitchens in London, Essex, Kent, Essex, Surrey and The Midlands, so contact us now and speak to one of our expert team. 01277 212 221.

Designer Kitchens

As the name suggests, designer kitchens are kitchens designed and made by professionals who have experience and reputation in this field. A good designer will help you avoid the headaches and stress, which are typical for homeowners who decide to follow the DIY approach. A designer kitchen is like a work of art because it is borne from the creativity of the designer who has access to premium quality materials and great design ideas.

If you are looking for a kitchen that is unique and reflects your personality, then we highly recommend working with one of our designers. Our designers have the imagination, creativity, and knowledge to create a kitchen that will be stylish and tailored to your exact needs. Our designer kitchens are known for their ability to create aesthetic appeal and everything you need when it comes to kitchen functionality.

We have kitchen furniture and appliances that will complement your home’s design and style, and we offer a wide range of different styles, materials and colours. Whether you’re looking for classic, contemporary or ultra-modern, we can design a kitchen that will surpass your expectations.

Our clients agree that the feeling they get when they are preparing food in their designer kitchen is remarkable. This type of kitchen gives homeowners inspiration and motivation to prepare great food and enjoy every minute they spend there.

We have many years experience with installing designer kitchens throughout the UK including London, Essex, Kent and Surrey, so feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your designer kitchen needs. Read More.

Modern Kitchens

Nobody wants a boring and dull kitchen and thankfully, with the superb range of kitchens that are available today, modern homeowners can choose between many attractive types of kitchens to fit in with their personal taste and lifestyle. With a high quality modern kitchen, you can improve your home and enjoy the clean, contemporary lines that the well thought out design delivers. By opting for contemporary style, you can achieve a minimalist, asymmetric and outstanding look which is the hallmark of every modern design.

Just like any type of kitchen, a contemporary kitchen features many different elements. One of the first things that people notice in contemporary kitchens is the cabinets. These have a minimalist, smooth look and are often made of hardwood and have glossy finishes.

Of course, having an impressive worktop is a must when selecting materials for your kitchen. Marble, granite or another type of stone are just some of the choices you have. What matters the most is to use simple, clean and smooth designs with materials that complement each other.

The tables, islands and other elements found in modern kitchens we offer have clean and bold lines and many useful features. Everything in a modern kitchen is designed for its practicality and aesthetic appearance. If you’re looking for a modern, contemporary kitchen in London and not sure where to start, contact us now. We would be happy to help.

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