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Our advice, tips, guides and news all about kitchens and other room set furniture. Kitchen buying guides, styling, colour, kitchen periods. We have written these important kitchen articles for the benefit of potential customers. They are hopefully not biased towards Broadway but towards ‘best practice’ standards. We hope you find value in these articles on bespoke kitchens and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

22nd November 2018
Broadway graphite in-frame shaker kitchen

The Shaker Kitchen: A Brief History

A kitchen is just a kitchen. Nothing more than the sum of its parts. Or so I thought. Once working with Broadway Kitchens began, the research into the evolving styles of kitchens lead down some interesting avenues, particularly when it comes to the Shaker.
23rd October 2018

Behind the Scenes at Broadway Kitchens Essex

There are plenty of buzz words flying around the bespoke kitchen business these days: the customer journey, customer relationship management (or CRM) and touchpoints are but […]
4th August 2017

German kitchens

German kitchens have been one of the leaders on the European market for many years. Interestingly, many residents of London have German kitchens in their homes […]
4th August 2017

Italian kitchens

Italian kitchens are becoming very popular in London. These kitchens look simple, yet attractive and come with a huge number of themes that homeowners can include […]
4th August 2017

Hand painted kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the modern home. This is the place where you will be preparing food, drinking, eating and […]
4th August 2017

Free standing kitchens

In the dim and distant past, kitchens were usually neglected and/or hidden from the eyes of visitors. Today, things have changed and the kitchen is one […]