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23rd October 2018
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19th December 2018
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An Acclaimed Kitchen Designer, Right On Your Doorstep

Motivation comes in a great many forms. For some, it’s the prospect of eventually receiving a financial reward for a job well done. For others it’s the respect and recognition that might shower the recipient once the task is complete. Whilst for many, the idea of being awarded by trophy, title or trinket is the ultimate motivator to improve performance. For Broadway Kitchens, the motivation to be a kitchen designer is in designing kitchens. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Here at Broadway Kitchens, we don’t need an award to announce that we are world-class kitchen designers; we have a wealth of customers and three generations’ worth of experience which has long-since been announcing it on our behalf.

The application process for prestigious kitchen design awards can be a long and laborious one, with forms to fill out and numerous hoops through which to jump. Providing customers with a professional, yet personal service which excels expectations sounds like a much more effective direction in which to focus our energy. That’s why Broadway Kitchens elects to spend our time, or more to the point, our customers’ time, engaging personally with the individual identifying each of their specific needs for their beautiful bespoke kitchen.

Our customers are invited into our showroom to sit with our world-class kitchen designer, whilst the possibilities and practicalities are discussed. Freshly ground coffee and a working lunch often accompany this process to ensure that nothing gets in between you and the luxury kitchen that is truly deserved.

Of course, there’s no need to simply take our word for it. Repeat customers Mr and Mrs Blackwell of Chingford, Essex said: “We wanted a large, sociable kitchen space for family get-togethers just as Broadway had created at our previous home. However, this time we were a little more confident and keener to try some new ideas from a family business that we already knew we could trust.”

Broadway Kitchen’s father and son design team took what Mr Blackwell referred to as “a bunny warren of small rooms linked by a pokey hallway [which] made for a very tiny, dark kitchen” and transformed it into a surprisingly spacious room, which blended classical elements like ornate cornicing, as well as more modern touches such as ‘Microstone’ granite worktops.

The finished result ensured that Mr and Mrs Blackwell spent an increased amount of quality family time together in this space. It’s due to results such as this, which surpass any awards or accolades, as well as have us whole-heartedly believing that we belong amongst the best kitchen designers in the country.

As if that reputation were ever in any doubt, it’s worth remembering that this was Mr and Mrs Blackwell’s second kitchen from Broadway. That feeling of customer trust and loyalty is impossible to replicate and infinitely more satisfying than any reward. READ MORE.

On the subject of which, more rewarding than any award conceivable was when Broadway had the opportunity to work alongside Ben and Sonia Joyce. Following an accident which left Ben severely paralysed, the Joyce’s and Broadway’s design team set about conceiving a subtly accessible kitchen which would allow the couple to continue to prepare food together; “This really was the starting approach to our design brief: I wanted cupboards that I could reach and open with a push and a wide-open space with no sharp edges for unimpeded access. This is why our design has rounded edges and no wall cupboards.” READ MORE.

Whilst accessibility was a priority, understandably so was the market value of the property once the Joyce’s were ready to relocate. It was Broadway’s design expertise which ensured that their kitchen still retained an aesthetic of practicality and style, to whatever level of mobility its new owners may have had.

It’s this very approach – that a kitchen design can drastically improve an individuals’ wellbeing – which Broadway’s luxury bespoke kitchen service thrives upon. What use is an award in kitchen design, when the reward is in the customers’ joy?

If you’re not swayed by medals and merits, and you’re looking for a truly outstanding Kitchen designer, then get in touch, and see why so many believe in Broadway.